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This site features a list of live recordings, cover-art, reviews, and live tracks from various shows.  Live music collectors are a rare group of individuals.  They document moments in time and share them with others to pass on to future generations.  Without the tapers we would not be able to listen to so many of these moments.  And with the internet, so much live concert history is freely available making it easy to access and thus diminishing the demand for illegal bootleg releases.  Support the artists by seeing them perform and buying their music. My other sites include Dubwise Collection.comDubwise Garage.com and Dubwise GarageExtras to help share more music.  

NEW Page Leonard Dillon and the Ethiopians - Tribute Page HERE
Gregory Isaac's Tribute Page HERE 

Sugar Minott Tribute Page  HERE

Joe Higgs Tribute Page   HERE

Augustus Pablo Tribute Page  HERE

Dennis Brown Tribute Page  HERE

Joseph Hill-Culture Tribute Page HERE

Bunny Wailer Tribute Site   HERE

Peter Tosh Tribute Site HERE

Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers Tribute Site HERE

You can also check my site BobMarleyConcerts.com for set-lists, cover art, tracks from many Bob Marley performances, and reviews of Bob Marley and the Wailers concerts.