Stevie Ray Vaughan

Apline Valley Music Theater
East Troy WI

Stevie's Last Show!!

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1.Collin's Shuffle
2.The House Is Rockin'
4.Things (That) I Used To Do
5.Let Me Love You Baby
6.Leave Me Little Girl Alone
7.Pride And Joy
8.Wall Of Denial
9.Riviera Paradise
11/12.Couldn't Stand The Weather/Goin' Down
14.Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)(Haunting!)

Final Jam
15. Sweet Home Chicago

With Eric Clapton and Jimmy Vaughan, Buddy Guy and Robert Cray

I was there, I'm a big fam of Clapton and Buddy Guy, but Stevie Ray was the king of this jam.
This is his last song, mere hours before the fatal helicopter crash on the way to jam at
Buddy Guy's "Legends" Nightclub.