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A first for RGF Records – an interview CD.

RGF boss John Tobler conducted three interviews with the late, great BOB MARLEY in the late 1970s.

Originally intended for radio, it was felt 30 years ago that Marley’s Jamaican patois would be incomprehensible to too many listeners, and the three interviews gathered dust for a long time.

2011 is the 30th Anniversary of Marley’s death, and these previously unheard interviews are finally available for anyone interested.


Stephen Marley - June 17, 2011 Arcata, CA  

Great show from Stephen, he and his wicked band are in top form on their tour for the new release Revelation Pt. 1. The Root Of Life.  Pick the release up here at Amazon.  Opener for the show was Alton Ellis son Christopher Ellis who's voice will remind you of his dad but in his own smooth style and delivery. I really enjoyed the songs I saw him perform and dig this... Stephens band which features Squidly Cole on Drums and Christopher Meredith on Bass were Chris Ellis backing band. Wicked.

Stephen stared his set with his dad's classic Punky Reggae Party to get the crowd going.  Set-list from the sound engineer posted below. Then Stephen went into material from the new release.  I really enjoyed the new tracks, like Break Us Apart, Old Slaves, Can't Bring I Down, and the murderous crowd pleaser Soldiers In Jah Army with Spanner Benz.  He loved to get the crowd fired up with a nice Ragga Dancehall set which included Iron Bars and Traffic Jam.  The stand out tracks from the new release I love are Tight Ship, No Cigarette Smokin' In My Room, the sweet love song Now I Know and the amazing cover of Selassie Is the Chapel just titled Chapel.The show had other Bob Marley covers too like a great Buffalo Soldier and the closing song One Love with Stephen bringing out 2 of his daughters and a young son.  Respect Due to the Stephens band, they are extremely tight and heavy on the rockers/one drop sound.  I told Squidly Cole his drumming on Chapel reminded me of Carly Barret Bob's drummer.   I highly recommend he new release.  I think it is more solid than Mind Control, so go check Stephen Marley's tour and check him on Facebook to keep up with whats new.

I did not record the whole show.

  1. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t01 Punky Reggae Party
  2. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t02 Chase Dem
  3. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t03 Break Us Apart
  4. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t04 Can't Keep I Down
  5. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t05 No Cigarette Smoking In My Room
  6. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t06 Chapel
  7. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t07 False Friends
  8. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t08 Buffalo Soldiers
  9. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t09 Jah Army
  10. Stephen Marley - 2011-06-17 Arcata, CA t10 Made In Africa -Cuts Out